2012.11.18: Sunday Grant Writing

After the demands of last week, getting the paper with Felipe et al. submitted, dealing with marking and submitting final grades, visiting Leigh to assess whether we should have the workshop there, and all the rest that keeps popping up, I can’t but be grateful to the Research Office for letting me hand in the grants on Monday – I think this was the second extension. I really needed it, and the awful weather in Auckland is a great incentive to stay indoors under a warm blanket and with a cuppa.

I have to say, I am liking what the two grants look like, and hope they fare better than previous attempts. I am submitting to the HRC Explorer – if you get in through the door, then they will pick probably 3 at random. Given the 5% funding that my section got on the last round of Marsden, this seems like a much better deal.

I must make sure not to play the lotto for a while, don’t want to waste my luck. Oh, wait – independent events. :)