2012.11.28: Busy (but productive) days

It’s been a few busy days – dealing with having to finish fixing the embryos on Monday, which took hours! And the smell of egg yolk just sticks in my nose for almost an entire day. Made much progress though. We managed to get a second order of eggs in, so that should give me enough stuff to do for a while. We also had a meeting about the Open Research Conference in February, that is moving along nicely, and had another chat about the SciFund project. Managed to get all the compliance corrections for the HRC grants in to the research office too, so good luck with that. I accepted two manuscripts to edit, one from PLOS ONE and one for PEERJ, and then a lot of other bits and pieces that just keep popping up. I also managed to do some cool stuff I want to add to my continuation application, and of course Tuesday night was Manaiakalani night.

We also had a lab meeting Tuesday, it has been ages since we had one, and planned the work for the summer. So here is the plan:

Need to get the intracellular physiology rig up and running again. We need to get the amplifier that one of our colleagues borrowed, and then it will be trying to sort out the programming in LabView to get it to do what I want. That will take a bit of time.
We need to get the comparative histology stuff up and running too, so that we can build the 3D models of the brain – lots of bits and pieces to put together, a bit tedious, but looking forward to it.
I need to get the nerve labels in the embryos I need so I can finally publish that paper
I need to finish writing the other 3 papers I am writing

So it will be a busy summer.
Oh and yay! Got accepted to the Women in Leadership programme!

All and all a good week so far.