The size of things

Today’s lab lesson was on the size of things.

I guess that’s only natural because the fields of embryology and microscopy are both particularly concerned with the concept of size (is it a concept?). I always find it amusing when I try desperately hard to finely dissect out the heart or the rhomboncephelon and then I take it outside of the petri dish and onto a tissue where I look at it macroscopically and it’s the tiniest piece of sludge.

To me at least that’s what it looks like, but I know deep down that it is much more structured and complex than that. That is then further confirmed when you look at things on the precious Nikon microscope and realise that the nerve itself isn’t small, the axons of the individual neurons are.

It makes me wonder how narrow our ability to perceive things is, based on our spectrum of visible light and the ‘zoom’ we have. I wonder how many things I take for granted as being just a piece of sludge when really it’s an intricately developed organ.