Just had the most exhilarating day in the lab.
The nerves I dyed yesterday took the stain up beautifully and I got some really juicy (it’s the only word I can currently think of sorry- it’s been a long day) images to analyse. Even though I have seen axons and cell bodies before, the way they dance around each other never fails to inspire me.

Fabiana joked that she’d find me by the microscope half dead tomorrow morning because I’d been up all night staring at the axons, but she’s only half joking because looking under that microscope does truly transport you to another bubble where everything is developing and looks like the stars. I could be in that world for a long time.

There is so much intricate detail within each axon and I love that each axon is different, yet reliably structured (apart from a few who just wander off day dreaming). I wish that I could articulate the experience better but it’s truly one of those things that even pictures and words don’t do justice.

I wonder if when I understand what I’m seeing better (for example. I’ll know I’m looking at efferents, not just beautiful stringy pieces of brain matter), that awe I have for what I see will diminish, but looking at the way Fabiana reacts to the images she sees I doubt that will be the case because it’s still as though she is seeing things for the first time when she looks down the microscope.

I haven’t quite figured out how to post a photo yet but when I do I will so you can share in at least a little part of the joy I get from looking at these neurons!