What is the difference between an internet cable and an axon?

I realise that this sounds like the start of a bad joke but it’s a serious thought, here’s what I’ve got:

  • they both carry information, they are just made of different things
  • they are both constrained by physical variables – diameter or degree of insulation for example
  • both can easily be disrupted by scissors
  • axons however, can install themselves.

Is the crucial difference that wires only exist because axons do?

I thought of this question as I was sitting in Fabiana’s office. We were trying to load photos of axons from an external location but we couldn’t because the computer’s own axon was not wide enough.

Perhaps the axon and internet cable are mechanistically similar but it’s the content of their information that makes them different. Show me a cable that can transmit warmth, fear and guilt and then maybe I’ll be convinced.

Just as I finish typing this, the internet disconnects for a minute and I get scared that my work hasn’t saved. That’s my Ethernet cable politely reminding me that it can in fact transmit fear.